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Beeftekia Manitaria

Seasoned chopped sirloin covered in our red wine mushroom sauce.

Grilled Whole Baby Snapper

Greek seasoned gulf Snapper grilled then baked in lemon olive oil. Please call for availability. Market Price

Brizola Kostas

NY strip char-broiled in Greek seasonings with a Greek potato.

Rack of Lamb Taverna

Oven roasted in Greek seasonings then char-broiled to perfection with a Greek potato.

Greek Sampler Platter

Rack of Lamb, Grilled Shrimp, Spanikopita and Pastitso.

Chicken or Veal Lemonati

Chicken breast or veal sauteed in our lemon white wine sauce with artichokes and a side rice.

Grilled Pork Medallions

Grilled pork tenderloin sauteed in our red wine sauce with rice.

Pork and Shrimp Souvlaki

Marinated pork tenderloin & shrimp char-broiled with bell peppers and onions served over rice.

Pork Souvlaki

Marinated pork tenderloin char-broiled with bell peppers and onions over a bed of rice. 16

Shrimp Mykonos

Shrimp baked in our tomato olive oil sauce topped with feta and served over orzo.