11 results for group: dinner-appetizers


Baked spinach and feta in phyllo. $6.00

Dolmas Avgolemono

Order of 4. Ground beef and rice wrapped in a grape leaves covered in Avgolemono sauce. $6.00

Gyro Appetizer

Sliced lamb meat topped with tomatoes and onions served with grilled pita triangles and satziki sauce.


2 pieces of fried Romano cheese flambéed tableside. $9.00

Pita with Three Spreads

Satziki, Hummus and our seasonal spread with grilled pita triangles. $9.00

Feta Squares

Sliced feta cheese, tomatoes and onions with our Greek dressing. $6.00


Fresh hummus spread served with grilled pita triangles.

Crab Claws

Crab claws served in our garlic lemon butter sauce. $16.00


Yogurt, cucumber, dill and garlic spread served with grilled pita triangles. $4.00

Kalamaria Kymi

Pan fried squid served with our house garlic lemon butter sauce. $12.00